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Get-togethers are primarily intended as meetings of members for the purpose of running their models. Wives, partners and children are very welcome, but it is important that the tots are kept under reasonable control. Accidents to Gauge 1 trains can be expensive, and we don’t want them caused by excited children chasing after trains and getting in the way of drivers.Dependent on the wishes of the hosts, Get Togethers can start as early as 10.30am but do finish by 7pm.

At each Get Together, the Secretary or another member of the Committee will agree what arrangements for running are necessary. A Track Steward will be appointed to collect the names of members wishing to run and to allocate running. Drivers are expected to be able to control their trains at all times, and may wish to have a co-driver to save too much chasing about. Spectators are urged to allow drivers access to the running lines. 

Drivers are asked to remember the following points:-

1. Most of the layouts we visit consist of a ‘running line’ with a number of passing loops. If you wish to stop and service your engine, always pull into a loop. 

2. Do not stop on the running line. If you have to stop in an emergency, make sure that the following driver is aware of your action. 

3. When entering or leaving passing loops, make sure the points are reset to the main line.

4. Always ask the owner’s permission before borrowing other people’s rolling stock for your train.

5. When your run is finished, leave your train in a siding, where possible, and not in a running loop or on the mainline – consult the Track Steward.

6. Ensure your methylated spirit containers or gas canisters are clearly marked.
Spectators should: Never step over the line while a train is passing. As far as possible, not step over stationary trains. On elevated tracks, not lean on the base where elbows and sleeves might cause a derailment. Give the driver room when he has to control his train.

NOTE: Get Togethers are private events and members and their guests attend them at their own risk. No liability shall attach either to the Association or to individual members for damages arising out of any accident to members or their guests however caused.

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