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Important Safety Notice


G1MRA Standards Sheet 1 – Track & Wheels

G1MRA Standards Sheet 2 – General Dimensions


Suggested Track spacing for non-British stock

Boiler Testing

At the 13th July 2018 G1MRA committee meeting it was agreed that the boiler test codes developed by G1MRA in conjunction with the Model Engineering Liaison Group should be adopted. Accordingly the new 2018 codes and test certificate are appended and the 2008 code deleted.

Boiler Documents (revised July 2018)

Boiler Examiners Personal Record

Boiler Test Code 2018 – Volume 2 Boilers up to 3 bar litres

Boiler Test Code 2018 – Volume 3 LPG Tanks below 250ml

New Boiler


G1MRA Annual safety check

Steam loco fault diagnosis

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