Modelling in Gauge 1 – Electric Propulsion

The best of 55 years of Newsletter Electrical Propulsion articles in one book.

When the Gauge 1 Model Railway Association was formed in 1947, two of the objectives set out in the rules were to “promote cooperation between members” and “provide expert & technical advice for the modeller in Gauge 1” This has been achieved by the publication of the G1MRA Newsletter- which now number over 200 issues containing in excess of 3700 articles, letters & reports. The trouble with periodicals is that members are unable to search through the back numbers which can lead to duplication of articles over the years and being unable to find desirable articles. Back in 1972 Ella Roberts, the Treasurer who prepared the newsletter to be printed by her husband Stan Roberts, compiled a booklet titled “Modelling in Gauge 1” which made available a large number of constructional articles from members over a twenty year period, from loco building, through track laying to construction of rolling stock. Since then there has been no summary of the G1MRA Newsletter. Some 10 years ago Geoff Hammond proposed updating the original booklet but this time with a separate book for each topic. After indexing the newsletters and categorising the articles it was found that in excess of 3700 different articles, letters or reports had been submitted. The committee members considered various subjects and contents list were prepared. It was decided that Electrical Propulsion would be the first subject covered and Bob Hines assisted in choosing the articles. It was hoped that this would stimulate a restricted area of Gauge 1 modelling. The first sixty pages of this the first book were typed but unfortunately G1MRA was unable to complete the preparation of a book in presentable format and there the paper work stayed, almost moribund. With the recent change of Newsletter Editor, Martin Hulse has taken the original typed texts, added some of the more recent material, and prepared the first book for printing. Now the association has published Electrical Propulsion, the first of a series of books about Modelling in Gauge 1, each dedicated to a separate topic, and drawing on the experience and wisdom expressed in the G1MRA Newsletters . Whilst the G1MRA Newsletter has always been restricted to members, this series of extracts is being made available to everyone who is interested, as a sample of the Gauge 1 expertise on a specific topic.

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