Project and Dee


1.The Project

By Ron Poulter & Bob Hines

  The famous ‘Project’ Book describes the construction of a simple single-cylinder LMS 4F tender 0-6-0 locomotive for beginners to the Gauge One live-steam hobby. Since the original book was published nearly 30 years ago, many hundreds of successful models have been constructed and may regularly be seen at Gauge One steam-ups both in the UK and abroad. The basic principles are easily adaptable to suit  a wide range of other prototypes.

Although the original design encouraged builders to construct their model from raw materials and the wheel castings, a number of suppliers now provide many of the components necessary to construct the locomotive, thus avoiding the more onerous tasks for those with limited time.

The Project Book is available to members and non-members by mail order from G1MRA Book Sales (click on “Books” on the contents bar at the top of this page) and at various events attended by the Association.


2. DEE

By Dick Moger & Barry Applegate

Copies of the ‘DEE ‘ Book are available from G1MRA Book Sales (click on “Books” on the contents bar at the top of this page). To remind those who may have forgotten; it is a new design for Gauge 1, 10mm=1ft, live steam, twin inside cylinders in both a meths and gas fired versions.

The book is written to complement the Project book, and text has been omitted in cases where the topic is already well covered by the earlier publication.

The main innovation of this design is a derivative of John Van Riemsdijk’s ‘D’ valve idea, which allows us to reduce the length of the cylinder block to 1 inch only. This gives free movement to the bogie, which can be a problem on most inside cylinder 4-4-Os.

The prototype is the South East and Chatham Wainwright ‘D’ class – arguably the most beautiful 4-4-0 of the Edwardian era. Transfers are available for the complex early livery, but there is the consolation that by 1914 they were painted in overall battleship grey.

The availability of materials, castings and components should not prove a problem. At the time of writing, only the dimension of the axle pump ram is in question, due to ‘0’ ring availability. A small difference either side will not be critical and builders may have to modify the ram size to suit this availability.

As with the original Project book, this is by no means a definitive treatise on the subject. It is intended that if the words and music are followed to the letter, a decent working live steam locomotive will result. However, its main purpose is to stimulate and motivate builders to try their hand at something relatively simple and very pretty to look at.

The Project Book and The DEE Book are available to members and non-members by mail order from G1MRA Book Sales (click on “Books” above) and at various events attended by the Association.

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