70th Year News & AGM


To cheer up our members enjoy this video

During these special times with no get togethers a souvenir from the Swiss Trip last September 2019 with our chairman’s line. Enjoy!

Double traction with 241.P (Markus Hofmeier) and 232.U.1 (Cyril Vivian).


ALSO Stuart Hithersay has posted a few videos at this link


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Find you G1MRA Parts and Boutique items

Today there has been a today bit of a tidy up. 2nd April 2020

Members Only shop items : Have now moved to a new sub menu under G1MRA Books and Shop called Boutique & Parts and this link will take you there  Click here  

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Next years Spring Meeting

The good news is that Iveshead School at Shepshed have given us a provisional date for next years spring show. Seemed sensible to get it in the diary now. Saturday 24th April, doesn’t seem to clash with anything.

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G1MRA Spring Meeting 25th April - Cancelled

Dear Membership.

It is with regret that it has been decided to cancel this years Spring Show at Shepshed. Following the announcment this afternoon 16th March 2020 that the government is asking us all to minimise all non essential social contact in their efforts to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we feel that our show falls well within this category. The health and wellbeing of our membership, traders and the general public are our primary concern leaving the committee little choice but to cancel Shepshed and put all our efforts into the AGM at Swindon in October.

The committee thanks you all for your continuing support and understanding at this worrying time.

Stuart Hithersay (Events Officer)

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NL&J 265 is now available in PDF format

Go to Members Area/Old Newsletters and Journals. Also new today is the index provided by Dick Comber in Excel format.

21 Feb 2020

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US Membership Forms Updated

The US Join Us form and the Renewal Forms have been up-loaded to the Join Us page. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

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At Alexandra Palace on 17 Jan

Photo sent in by Bill Read

The show is on on Saturday and Sunday

Above: Some of the motive power on display

Visitors admiring the activity whilst the members seem to be bowing to them!

Adam H checking the blower on his coal-fired V2 while Jeff Brazier checks the coaches.

Bram Hengaveld with his Johnson 4-4-0 (beautiful paint job)

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Invitation to Germany and Switzerland

G1MRA will again be present with a stand and running trains at the Gauge 1 Meeting in Sinsheim on June 20 & 21, 2020.

On the weekend that follows, June 27 & 28, our Swiss members will host their famous EiWi Bahndammfest in Witterswil near Basel (see diary) .

Some G1MRA members may enjoy to visit private layouts between the two events.

For those wishing to do so, we are planning to offer the opportunity to visit two layouts in Germany (Monday, Tuesday) and according demand two in Switzerland (Thursday, Friday) during that week between Sinsheim and EiWi.

If you are interested to stay and join, please contact Michael Fueg for Germany (michaelfueg@hotmail.com ) and /or Hans Peter (John) Werren for Switzerland, email:  werren.gms@bluewin.ch

Thank you and best regards

Charles SIMON

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Subscriptions are now due...

To find a renewal form go to the Join Us page (https://www.g1mra.com/contact/)

There is a downloadable form for you to renew for 2020 - PT

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The Join US and Renewal pages

If you wish to join us or renew your membership go to the page titled Join Us or Renew (7/12/19)

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Newsletter No 264 pdfs

PDFs of both parts of NL&J 264 are now in the Members Area.  A downloadable index (Excel) provided by Dick Comber is also there now.

PT - Webmaster 


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The modern way to build - 3D Print

The latest Forum to serve our hobby on the web is the GaugeOne3DCircle - Only been up for about a week and is already very active! 

David Halfpenny discussing a 3D printed model at the Autumn Meeting and AGM 12th October 2019. Photo David Viewing

The loco is LNWR long boiler. No 153. Built by David Viewing

(One piece print in Shapeways nylon SLS, excepting wheels, motion and dome which are a seperate sprue. Usual cell phone battery, DT Rx65c radio and ABC helical drive with Maxon 6v motor. For the first time 6 wheel tender, sprung and with duplex delrin chain drive to all wheels.)
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Newsletter Binders - correction

Owing to an error the wrong version was published in NL&J 263. Apologies to Mike Bland from Peter T for the error.

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Members Sales and Wants in NL&J No 265

Time rolls on. Advertising in NL&J 265 is now open. Please send your Sales or Wants to me by 1st April 2020 - peter.trinder@mac.com

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New contacts in Switzerland and Germany

We have to announce two European contact changes.

Germany - Christian Schlotzer - chris.schlotzer@gmail.com

Switzerland: – Yves Rittener – g1mraschweiz@gmail.com

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Bring and Buy at our meetings

‘Bring and Buy at the AGM’ 

New Rules

All items presented for sale are left at the owner’s risk. Neither the operators of the Bring & Buy table nor G1MRA accept any liability for any items lost or stolen or damaged.
Booking in of items for sale can be made from 9.30am, and selling will commence at 11.00am.

Selling ends at 1.00pm

Unsold items and proceeds of sales should be collected by 2.00pm
( This will allow helpers on the stand to attend the AGM which starts at

All items presented for sale must be entered onto the Booking in Form in BLOCK CAPITALS. Forms will be available on the day, but to assist booking in, you may download the form from the G1MRA website at
www.g1mra.com, or request a copy via email to alangleslie@outlook.com

Before booking in make sure that each of your items is labelled with a tie-on label with your name, membership number, lot number, selling price and mobile telephone number.
The lot number is your membership number followed by the numbers of the items you are selling.
For example if you have 3 items for sale and your membership number is 456 your lot numbers would be 456-1, 456-2, 456-3. If in doubt ask one of the helpers on the stand.

In the interests of ensuring that we have adequate space to display all sales items, please limit your items to a maximum of ten.

NB. A rake of coaches may be considered to be one item, however in this example only one coach will be put on display.

No other form of labelling, e.g. sticky labels, sellotaped paper will be accepted. Loose items such as loco pump handles must be securely attached to the item for sale. Any boxes used for transporting items such as locos or rolling stock that are included in the sale must be labelled to ensure that they can readily be identified as part of the item for sale.
All transactions will be in cash only. If a buyer wishes to pay by cheque, we will contact the seller if possible and the transaction will take place directly between the buyer and seller. If a sale occurs in this way the seller must inform a member running the Bring & Buy table to ensure that the Booking in Form is annotated accordingly.
Sales are commission free to members, but a donation to G1MRA funds is always welcome.
(£5 max)
NON-MEMBERS WILL BE CHARGED 10% COMMISSION but his will be waived if they join G1MRA at the show.
The stand will close for selling at 3.00pm but you can collect the proceeds from the sale of your items, or your unsold items from 2.00pm. All unsold items should be collected by 4.00pm at the latest.

Conditions for sellers and buyers:-
Items are accepted for sale on condition they are the property of the seller or brought to the Stand with the owner’s prior consent to these conditions.
The Association and the stand volunteers shall not be liable for:-
Any loss or damage or diminution of value howsoever caused of any item for sale or left at the Stand after purchase.
Any loss or failure to receive value of the proceeds of a sale howsoever caused.
At the discretion of the Stand Organiser unsold items, sales proceeds and purchased items not collected by the close of the stand at 2.00pm may be retained at the owner’s risk or deemed to be abandoned and disposed of.
Alan Leslie

Download a printable entry form click here

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Tom Barratt Memorial Meeting - 20 July 2019

The event was well attended, as can be seen in the photo below.

A large number of models were shown during the day, a tribute to Tom's engineering skills over the years.

One of the webmaster favourites - The Caledonian Railway 'Cardean'

Photos supplied by Roger Olding

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G1MRA Committee mail boxes

For this who have a G1MRA mailbox you will need to change the Outgoing and Incoming servers to sever.footprint8.co.uk

If you need your password please email me.

My email Peter Trinder - (Web Editor) - webeditor@g1mra.com

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Swiss Group

The Swiss Group have a new co-ordinater:-

Yves Rittener (1393), Trachterholzstrasse 11, CH-8708 Männedorf, Switzerland, Phone: +41796164013, 

Email: yves.rittener@g1mra.ch, Website: www.g1mra.ch

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New Bring and Buy Rules

All details and a downloadable form are in the Members News page, at this link.

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Gas Tank Test

by David Halfpenny (1802)

My article in NL&J 258, about undeclared Propane in ‘Butane’ canisters, caused some to query the robustness of homebuilt tanks designed for Butane Only. To get a feel for the issue, the Committee tasked me ‘To test a gas tank to an existing design to ascertain the pressures it is able to withstand.

I chose Dick Moger’s elegant 80ml design from the G1MRA ARM1G book. Barrel: 20-gauge copper tube 1.75” diameter by 65mm long. Endplates: 16-gauge un-flanged copper plate. Central Stay: 1/8” diameter unthreaded bronze. Filler Bush: Ronson-fit M4.5mm x 0.5mm with O-ring recess. Feed Bush: 1/4” x 40tpi. Silver-brazed throughout.  The builder had tested to 300psi which had domed the endplates slightly.

Inspector, Fred Roberts, G1MRA Technical Secretary, with myself - Deputy Yorkshire Group Inspector – as witness, checked my gauge against the G1MRA Master. A cheap and simple test rig sufficed to make the test. We filled the tank with water and pressed it by stages to 180psi (Butane Only test), then to 300psi (the builder’s test) and then to 400psi (2018 Code test). Neither increased the doming. At 500psi (Roundhouse test) there was some slight extra doming. Finally, we took the pressure to 600psi (Accucraft test). The shape of the increased doming showed the stay to be effective.

That pressure is roughly three times the maximum pressure of canister gas at domestic hot water temperature. The tank itself remains completely serviceable.

Tank, filler and pipework, after sustaining 600psi. Photo David Halfpenny


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Website Navigation

To assist members and visitors to find there way around our website there is a sitemap link at the bottom of each page. However this is not easily found so we have added a link to this page here: https://www.g1mra.com/sitemap/

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Seen at Shepshed!

Chairman pumps water into the loco using the tender hand pump.

OO Live Steam - fascinated us all!

Barretts Steam Models Stand

In the second hall

Hot Dogs Café

A convivial gathering, like a street café

Paul Forsyth with Adam Houghton and Stuart Hithersay

Geoff Calver of Rushford Barn Models talking to customer.

Michael Wrottesley attends to his Brighton Atlantic

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Bring and Buy at the AGM

The rules have been revised and are on the Members News page. Booking in forms are also linked there.
Click here...to see the rules

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Article in NL&J 256 on page 30


This article in the print version is incorrectly attributed, the author is Dave Robinson (2741)



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Directors and Committee Members

President: Francis Dobson
Vice Presidents: Messrs. Bob Hines, Peter Howland, Dick Moger, Michael Wrottesley, Martin Hulse, Mick Mumford.

Chairman & Groups Liaison: Adam Houghton, The Laurels, Five Oak Lane, West End, Staplehurst, TN12 0HT- chair@g1mra.com
Secretary: Roger Olding, 38 St Kilda’s Road, Brentwood, CM15 9EX - secretary@g1mra.com
NL&J Editor: Rod Clarke, 300 Centre Street South, Whitby, Ontario, Canada L1N 4V9 -   editor@g1mra.com, or gordalescar@rogers.com
Technical Secretary: Fred Roberts, 6 Chestnut Drive, Elm Park, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire, TF1 3NJ - fredroberts39@blueyonder.co.uk
Treasurer: Peter Wood, 7 Mossgiel Avenue, Ainsdale, Southport, Lancs PR8 2RE - peterwood-gimra.nw@talktalk.net
Trade and Advertising: John Taylor - advertising@g1mra.com
Events: Stuart Hithersay, 19 Staple Drive, Staplehurst, Kent, TN12 0SH

Other Committee Members

Terry Geeson, 3 Park Road, Allington, Grantham, NG32 2EB    g1mra.dobsonbridge@gmail.com
Charles Simon, Rebgasse 25, CH-4102 Binningen, Switzerland - charles.simon@g1mra.com
Philip Johnson, Sandy Lodge, Northfield Avenue, Lower Shiplake, Henley-upon-Thames RG9 3PE - Sandylodge@icloud.com
Stuart Hithersay, 19 Staple Drive, Staplehurst, Kent, TN12 0SH ordinarymember1@g1mra.com

Webeditor: Peter Trinder, 19 Silverdale, Coldwaltham, near Pulborough, RH20 1LJ - webeditor@g1mra.com

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Gauge 1 North News

Gauge 1 North 2017

Gauge 1 North 2017 which was to take place at the Bakewell Agricultural Business Centre, Derbyshire on Saturday 2nd September 2017 has been cancelled.

We are very sorry to have to take this decision, but major clashes with two other shows on the same date has meant that a number of our regular trade stands cannot attend and that puts the viability of the event in jeopardy.

The good news is that the next show has now been set for our traditional summer date and will take place on  Saturday 14th July 2018

Should you wish for any further information about the Yorkshire Group, Gauge 1 North, the Bakewell Show, or attractions around Bakewell that you cannot find on the website please get in touch:

email:  secretary@gauge1north.org.uk

Should you wish for any further information about the Yorkshire Group, Gauge 1 North, the Bakewell Show, or attractions around Bakewell that you cannot find on the website please get in touch.

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Notes about membership renewal

Membership Renewals

If you already have a bank standing order payment instruction in place you need do nothing more than relax and enjoy another year of gauge one with the Association. Thank you for paying by standing order, it really does help with the admin.

If you are opening a Standing Order using the form that came with your NL&J note that this should be sent to your Bank. When you pay by standing order you should ensure that the reference includes your membership number.

If paying by cheque please make it payable to G1MRA Ltd and send to G1MRA Membership, G1MRA Membership, PO Box 363, Trimton Station TS29 6YU. 

Payment may also be made by credit or debit card. By telephone to 07547 804742.


For many years, the dates chosen for our AGM have slipped backwards from the 30th of November in 1996, the year we agreed to become a limited Company, to this year’s date of the 14th of October. No doubt because members preferred to avoid November travel, with poor weather and the loss of daylight in the evenings due to the clocks being put back.However, this has increasingly put pressure on our ability to meet the requirements of the companies act, when 21 days’ notice of an AGM must be given in writing to members.I won’t bore you with the complications of this matter, but will assure you that members of the Committee and Directors have spent many hours working on this problem, and are pleased to say a solution has been found and that includes a change to the deadlines listed below, for the noted issues.

Year 2018. 257 1st February. 258 15th April. 259 15th July. 260 15th October

Year 2019. 261 15th January. 262 15th April. Etc.: Etc.: 

Obviously, the months of publication are also changing, and two good things to come from this change are, a Pre-Christmas Edition, and a reduction in postage costs. The second is because your calendar will now be sent with the December Edition and not with that for the AGM edition in September, putting both in the same envelope used to put our postage costs over the limit.I am advised that some Advertisers will enjoy the benefits of a Pre-Christmas Edition, so I ask them to note the changes and dates and to contact our advertising manager ASAP.

These changes will be noted in the information panel, found towards the rear of the NL&J.

11 October 2018

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Newsletter Binders

Mike Bland now has a new stock but the prices have gone up, see this panel.

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New documents

Two new documents added to Standards, Documents & Guidance on the Resources and Links page.

29 Sept 2016

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2016 AGM Papers

Click here for the 2016 AGM Papers.

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Steel Wagon Wheels

G1MRA Sales now have a new delivery of steel wagon wheels and are available to order from the usual Harrow address (Order forms available via G1MRA website Members Area) This new batch of wheels comes drilled with three holes per wheel face as prototype 3-hole disc wheels. Cost £6.50 per set (axle & two wheels).

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Swiss storage bank

ZUG Safe
Recently another great and unique project has been accomplished and inaugurated by “some Swiss watch makers”: the train storage and lift at the EiWi outdoor layout at Witterswil near Basel – Switzerland!
On this beautiful and instructive video (https://youtu.be/l65z3AQlOQ8 ) by our member Peter Krattiger you see how it works: this is a 4 storey storage shelf, built from scratch by Christian Schmutz and Werner Metzger - G1MRA members and members of the EiWi group (Eisenbahn Witterswil) - works perfectly by an electronic control system. It is housed inside our new barn, next to the outdoor layout.
It hosts 16 trains, each in maximum 9 meters long.
It will be used for the first time in public at the EiWi-Bahndammfest of 2/3 July.
Any questions: to Christian, to Peter or to me, Charles Simon.
Enjoy the video. If your mouths are watering now, come and see it here in Switzerland!
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Coach Wheels - New supply

We have taken delivery of a new batch of coach wheels (from a new supplier) and will be selling them at £5.25 (two wheels mounted on axle).

Orders as usual from Harrow address.

We will now be placing an order for wagon wheels.

14 March 2016

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A Swiss LMS 4F

John Werren’s LMS 4F passes Lakeside Station at Staplehurst during the Swiss Group's visit in September 2015. Photo John Werren.

John Werren’s LMS 4F passes Lakeside Station at Staplehurst during the Swiss Group's visit in September 2015. Photo John Werren.

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Dobson Bridge has new custodian

Dobson Bridge
We are pleased to announce that David Blamire is taking over from Terry Geeson as custodian of Dobson Bridge, which is of course the GIMRA showcase layout.  We would thank Terry and his team for all their hard work over the last few years in improving the running qualities of the track and making it a really remarkable spectacle for spectators.
David will be looking at further improvements, with the fitting of pattern makers dowels and clips to do away with the chore of having to scramble underneath and use bolts and electric drills to set the track up.
David can be contacted on his email address which is:  david.blamire@mypostoffice.co.uk
11 Jan 2016
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Great Moments in Gauge One Video!

Many Gauge 1 videos show unedited footage of an event.  There's Uncle Henry watching his favourite engine pass the water bottles,  ooh and isn't that his pal Fred's hand in the way of the camera.....

However, what the unconnected G1MRA member wishes to see, (warning - opinion not fact!) is footage of locomotives pulling suitable trains at scale speeds with Uncle Henry, the water bottles and Fred's hands edited out. If this is elevated into a cinematic experience  via diverse viewing angles including tracking shots and a distraction-free soundtrack then a quick and easy Gauge 1 fix on a winter's night is obtained!

In our Gauge 1 video gallery  open link as new window here you will see (as at 10/10/2015) a live steam Britannia tackling a 2% gradient with a long train in a Danish garden (Krogen, 4:00) while in Kent a 1% gradient is taken at a controlled canter (5MT, 1.00). Masterful "dolly shot" execution is shown in Buckfastleigh (05:30); Evening Star has never looked so good!

Sometimes the moving pictures tell a story to the extent they appear choreographed. See how the radio controlled start of the Class 4 tank fills the sky with steam while behind elegant teak coaches follow dutifully. By contrast, watch the massive Allegheny's rear engine's wheel spin, then the front engine's; something that is easily done on wet rails by model and full-size alike.

The joke in the Steam Turbine video expresses the thought we all have on seeing M. Jeggli's high revving wonderdrive, while in the simple - but still proudly scratchbuilt - Project video, suspiciously tuneful birdsong forms a backdrop to the opening scene of the static locomotive.

For a change, have a look around the several all-electric indoor mega-tracks as well as the videos of live diesels. And before you go, don't forget to look in at "Pretty Track in E Sussex": count the sleepers, count the chairs and count the ballast stones and then think how long it took to build....

Please note that for technical reasons the only videos that can be shown are those listed on "YouTube".

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Videos Re-arranged and many new videos added!

The Video gallery has been re-arranged for greater clarity and many new videos have been added for your pleasure.

**"Best of" Videos here**
**"Other" Videos here**

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Bring and Buy Notes

A list of "Do's and don'ts" has replaced the form used previously. Please read it if you wish to use the Bring and Buy stall. It is located in the Members Area.

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