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Further Contents:

  • 1. The G1MRA committee and associated documents
  • 2. Note re password for old NL&J area
  • 3. The G1MRA Calendar 2022
  • 4. The latest NL&J
  • 5. Bring and Buy rules
  • 6. Membership List News
  • 7. Membership Renewal Form
  • 8. Group Contacts
  • 9. Books
  • 10. Items for purchase

1. Officers & Committee (April 2020)

The Gauge One Model Railway Association is run by a committee made up of around a dozen individuals and has no employees. The Committee is responsible for assigning Association delegates to specific people, tasks such as Treasury, Events and editing the Newsletter and Journal. The Committee meets several times a year while the AGM is held once a year in the last quarter of the year.

President: Dick Moger

Vice Presidents: Messrs, Dick Moger, Michael Wrottesley, Martin Hulse, Mick Mumford, Barry Applegate, Peter Trinder & Andrew Pullen.

Chairman: Adam Houghton, The Laurels, Five Oak Lane, West End, Staplehurst, TN12 0HT-

Secretary: Geoff Hammond – 1 Sycamore Avenue, Hatfield AL10 8LZ –

NL&J Editor: Rod Clarke (Canada) 300 Centre Street South, Whitby, Ontario, L1N-4V9

Assistant Editor NL&J: David Halfpenny, 13 Darley Abbey Drive, Darley Abbey, Derby, DE22 1EE

Technical Officer: Keith Greenway, 26 Beaconsfield Road, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 3BB –

Treasurer: Peter Wood, 7 Mossgiel Avenue, Ainsdale, Southport, Lancs PR8 2RE –

Trade and Advertising: John Taylor, Moorend Cottage, Steep Lane, Sowerby Bridge, HX6 1PE –

Events: Stuart Hithersay, 19 Staple Drive, Staplehurst, Kent, TN12 0SH –

European Liaison: Charles Simon, Rebgasse 25, CH-4102 Binningen, Switzerland –

Data Protection Officer: Philip Johnson, Sandy Lodge, Northfield Avenue, Lower Shiplake, Henley-upon-Thames RG9 3PE –

Groups and New Member Liaison: Alan Leslie, 4 Stainmore Close, Chislehurst, BR7 6PG

USA Representative: Steve Baker, 5 Doverdale Court, Greenville, South Carolina, 29615 USA  –


Membership Officer: Virginia Hauxwell, PO Box 363, Trimdon Station, TS29 6YU 07547 804142

Web editor: Peter Trinder, 19 Silverdale, Coldwaltham, near Pulborough, RH20 1LJ –

2. Password

The Old Newsletter and Journals area is protected by a username and password. This is the same password used to access the members area. To view the previous NL&Js enter the password where it asks for user name and again in the password field. Lots of members have got stuck on this and have to ask. Update! We will change the password in August 2021 You will see a note of it in NL&J 270.

3. G1MRA Calendar 2022

The calendar for 2022 has been produced only as a downloadable PDF. The link below will download it for you.

2022 Calendar

4. Latest Newsletter and Journal – 272 – visit the Old Newsletters and Journals menu


5. BRING AND BUY STALL See details and rules below.


6. Membership List News:

Membership details are usually updated and mailed with the Newsletter every 2 years. 

7. Membership Renewal / Standing Order:

All membership subscription matters are now in the hands of our own membership co-ordinator:- 

Mrs Virginia Hauxwell, G1MRA Membership Officer, 
PO Box 363 Trimdon Station TS29 6YU 

Telephone 07547 804142       
See the Join Us or Renew page for Subs Renewal Form

8. Many areas have a local G1MRA Group

See the  Groups Area.  Scroll down for UK Group Contacts. Click here for Overseas Group Contacts

9. Books: 

For the full list of books available by mail order, available to all, please go to the Books Area

10. Members Only Shop Items

Now moved to a new sub menu in G1MRA Books and Shop called Boutique & Parts and this link will take you there  this page  



‘Bring and Buy’ NEW RULES

Click here for the Bring and Buy Stall entry form

All items presented for sale are left at the owner’s risk. Neither the operators of the Bring & Buy table nor G1MRA accept any liability for any items lost or stolen or damaged.
Booking in of items for sale can be made from 9.30am, and selling will commence at 11.00.
The stand will CLOSE for selling at 2.00pm

All items presented for sale must be entered onto the Booking in Form in BLOCK CAPITALS. Forms will be available on the day, but to assist booking in, you may download the form from the G1MRA website at, or request a copy via email to
Before booking in make sure that each of your items is labelled with a tie-on label with your name, membership number, lot number, selling price and mobile telephone number.
The lot number is your membership number followed by the numbers of the items you are selling.
For example if you have 3 items for sale and your membership number is 456 your lot numbers would be 456-1, 456-2, 456-3. If in doubt ask one of the helpers on the stand.
In the interests of ensuring that we have adequate space to display all sales items, please limit your items to a maximum of ten.
 NB. A rake of coaches may be considered to be one item, however in this example only one coach will be put on display.
No other form of labelling, e.g. sticky labels, sellotaped paper will be accepted. Loose items such as loco pump handles must be securely attached to the item for sale. Any boxes used for transporting items such as locos or rolling stock that are included in the sale must be labelled to ensure that they can readily be identified as part of the item for sale.
All transactions will be in cash only. If a buyer wishes to pay by cheque, we will contact the seller if possible and the transaction will take place directly between the buyer and seller. If a sale occurs in this way the seller must inform a member running the Bring & Buy table to ensure that the Booking in Form is annotated accordingly.

The committee have decided that, due to the increased charges for table hire and the low level of voluntary donations, all sellers will be charged a flat-rate sellers fee of £5.

This fee is payable in cash on submission of the sales form and items for sale. It is per seller, not per item and is non-refundable even if no items are sold.

The stand will close for selling at 2.00pm but you can collect the proceeds from the sale of your items, or your unsold items from 2.00pm. All unsold items should be collected by 3.00pm at the latest. 

Conditions for sellers and buyers:-
Items are accepted for sale on condition they are the property of the seller or brought to the Stand with the owner’s prior consent to these conditions.

The Association and the stand volunteers shall not be liable for:-
Any loss or damage or diminution of value howsoever caused of any item for sale or left at the Stand after purchase.
Any loss or failure to receive value of the proceeds of a sale howsoever caused.
At the discretion of the Stand Organiser unsold items, sales proceeds and purchased items not collected by the close of the stand at 3.00pm may be retained at the owner’s risk or deemed to be abandoned and disposed of.
Alan Leslie


Newsletter and Journal – 272

Go to the Members Area menu and select Old Newsletters


Boiler Testing

At the 13th July 2018 G1MRA committee meeting it was agreed that the boiler test codes developed by G1MRA in conjunction with the Model Engineering Liaison Group should be adopted. The revised documents are on the Standards, Documents & Guidance Menu


Gas Tank Test

by David Halfpenny (1802)

My article in NL&J 258, about undeclared Propane in ‘Butane’ canisters, caused some to query the robustness of homebuilt tanks designed for Butane Only. To get a feel for the issue, the Committee tasked me ‘To test a gas tank to an existing design to ascertain the pressures it is able to withstand’.

I chose Dick Moger’s elegant 80ml design from the G1MRA ARM1G book. Barrel: 20-gauge copper tube 1.75” diameter by 65mm long. Endplates: 16-gauge un-flanged copper plate. Central Stay: 1/8” diameter unthreaded bronze. Filler Bush: Ronson-fit M4.5mm x 0.5mm with O-ring recess. Feed Bush: 1/4” x 40tpi. Silver-brazed throughout.  The builder had tested to 300psi which had domed the endplates slightly.

Inspector, Fred Roberts, G1MRA Technical Secretary, with myself – Deputy Yorkshire Group Inspector – as witness, checked my gauge against the G1MRA Master. A cheap and simple test rig sufficed to make the test. We filled the tank with water and pressed it by stages to 180psi (Butane Only test), then to 300psi (the builder’s test) and then to 400psi (2018 Code test). Neither increased the doming. At 500psi (Roundhouse test) there was some slight extra doming. Finally, we took the pressure to 600psi (Accucraft test). The shape of the increased doming showed the stay to be effective.  

That pressure is roughly three times the maximum pressure of canister gas at domestic hot water temperature. The tank itself remains completely serviceable.

Tank, filler and pipework, after sustaining 600psi. Photo David Halfpenny



Press deadlines for copy & adverts (commercial and members) in the NL&J

Press date for NL&J 274 – 15th April 2022


G1MRA Groups 

The link to this info has been difficult to find so here it is at the top of the page, (original entry still there lower down!)

For UK Group Contacts see below. Click here for Overseas Group Contacts

Also here is the panel that comes with the NL&J

Please note the new Somerset Group. The Bristol Group is no longer operative.



It is a while since these were published and we have lots of new members who may have never seen these guidance notes so please read and digest!

Click here to read these


New Articles of Association of the Company.

Introduced and approved at the Annual General Meeting, 14 October 2017. Item 8.1 of the business of the meeting. Use this link to view a PDF of the Articles

G1MRA Articles of Association 2017


NL&J Editor

Rod Clarke our NL&J editor welcomes articles and photos to Rod at:-

Do not bother to format your articles as this is done when the Journal is laid out, so a text file is fine. If you have a complicated article a layout thumbnail can assist the editor. Photos should be at least 300 dpi for goo reproduction, and please remember to add a caption and credit to your photos.


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