US, Southern Group

We are pleased to announce the formation of the G1MRA, US Southern Group.
Participation in the Southern Group activities is open to all G1MRA members,
but will mostly work to meet at tracks in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.
Formed by a 100 percent quorum of the G1MRA South Carolina membership,
the first formal gathering is scheduled in May 2014.
Many members initially queried about joining are live steamers,
and most likely, the G1MRA US Southern Group will meet at tracks which have no electrical power.
To join the mailing list, check on upcoming events, or to volunteer to host an event,
contact the Southern Group Chairman, Steve Baker, #4006.
Contact information is in the membership directory.
The group’s web presence is hosted by Jim Pitts, #1807 at
Commoners in the colonies of the Carolinas and Georgia,
who are members of G1MRA UK, are invited to join with us.

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