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The Puget Sound Live Steamers are a small but active group living in and around Seattle, in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. We have a hard core of around 20 regular members and 20 more occasional runners.

We meet on every second Saturday of the month at the Puget Sound Garden Railroad Society live steam portable layout (we are members of the PSGRS), and again every 4th Saturday at a members house, we have 9 to choose from. We also meet for breakfast at IKEA 2 times a month for our liars club get together where we exchange magazines, ogle at new acquisitions etc. Some of us also attend the PSGRS meet on the 3rd Saturday, so you can see we are pretty busy.

Our meets run from 10:00am to around 2:00pm, and as well as running trains we bring hot dogs, salads and drinks for a lunch party. Generally there are 2-3 trains out on the line at any one time with the rest of us looking on and enjoying the occasion.

We have a wide range of train interests. Some of us model US narrow gauge, and we have many 1:20.3 Accucraft  locos such as the C-16, K-27 etc. There is a keen interest in US mainline with Aster Berks, Mikados, Daylights and GN S2’s pulling gargantuan trains at high speeds. There is a lot of interest in British mainline, mostly Asters, and British narrow gauge, represented by Roundhouse locos. Some folks also run French and German trains. Some members have built up quite a collection of vintage steam and clockwork  trains from the 1910-1930 era, mostly UK, German and US models, and it’s a pleasure to watch the old tinplate rattling around.

Twice a year we up tracks and head off to Portland for the famous Staver locomotive convention, and we also participate at the local ‘Thomas the Tank” days where we show off our steam and electric trains to thousands of kids, and get a few of them interested in the hobby.

Contact: Pete Comley

Pete Comley

Sunset Valley Railroad LLC

(+1) 253 862 6748

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