Hants & Sussex Group

The Hants & Sussex Group stretches along the SouthCoast from Southampton to Worthing a distance of 55 miles connected by the M27 and A27 South Coast road routes.

100_1961Our meetings take place every Sunday during our running season of April to October. There are 9 main tracks that operate in the season from a published meetings calendar that is decided at our Winter Meeting in February each year. The Sunday meetings run from 10am until 3pm.

The group was formed in 1978 by 2 members, Roy Scott and John Patterson whose two layouts became the start of the then named ‘Sussex Group’. Over the next 35 years the group expanded in size to the current 66 G1MRA members and also geographically westward to include layouts in Hampshire – hence the renaming of the group to be ‘ The Hants & Sussex Group ‘

The group members operate all types of gauge 1 locomotives – from the original steam ( both scratch-built and commercially constructed ) locomotives to electric power. Manual and radio-control models of British Standard, Continental and American outline are all seen at our meetings together with the occasional interesting ‘ speciality’ locomotives.

The one thing that is guaranteed at our meetings is a friendly welcome and plenty of valuable advice for both new, old  and visiting members – for further information please contact  Bill Whiting, Martin Hughes or Dick Comber

Contact details are available in the Members Area.

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