Netherlands, Dutch Connection – New contact

Fred van der Lubbe has advised us that he is no longer able to be the Dutch coordinator. At this time no replacement has come forward to take his place.

Fred kindly acted as the membership coordinator for the Netherlands and as such kept
a record of the membership data of the Dutch members. He also assisted members who wish to pay for membership, books or DVDs in Euros rather than sterling.

Fred has done a great job of recruiting new Dutch G1MRA members,  which numbered about 20 when he began this role around 2003 and is now more than twice as many.

Thank you Fred for all your work.

Long time Dutch G1MRA member Jaap Oudes from Eindhoven, Netherlands (see CC) did let me know that he will take over the role of Dutch membership coordinator. Jaap has the very low membership number 316, which formerly was his fathers’; he is all but new to G1MRA. He is known as one of the few builders/designers of gauge 1 locomotives (of Dutch prototypes)

Jaap’s Email is

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