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Members may pay for these item by Paypal to: g1mra.sales@gmail.com  please add £2. to cover the paypal charges.  Overseas members are welcome to use this payment method.

USA Bookshop

Please note that our US contact is:- Ernie Noa who has relocated 4009, Freedom Blvd, Champaign IL 61822


Coal Firing Book front coverThe Book List has been expanded with the addition of ‘Modelling in Gauge 1 – Book 5 Coal Firing’ inspired by the G1MRA Swiss Group, led by Charles Simon, who have supplied many of the chapters, and with contributions from other G1MRA coal firemen.  The book begins with some general notes on coal firing and then has 14 individual articles describing practical experiences.   The book has 82 pages with many colour photographs.



Binders for your NL&J’s

We now have a new supply of these, but the price has gone up.

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Members Only Shop Items

G1MRA Branded Items of Clothing, Drawings or Component Parts : Click: Boutique or click Parts. For pictures of some of these items click here (model not included) or here.  These are only available by mail order and at the Spring Meeting & Annual General Meeting  (Link to Events List)

G1MRA Components

G1MRA Components, Drawings, Branded Items, Old Newsletters and Binders are available to Members Only. See the this link for details

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