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The Multipurpose Model Steam Turbine

A guide to successful scratch-building by Werner Jeggli

Thinking about building a model turbine? Well, the idea of directing a jet of liquid or gas onto a bladed wheel and then using the resulting torque to do work – this idea is simple, elegant and old. A search in the hobby press and in the internet with its various forums reveal that quite a number of attempts have been – or are being made to tackle this issue. But nearly all of the contributions peter out without any tangible results, indicating that the builders never came to a satisfactory end and gave up. This indicates that this seemingly easy task is far from being that simple. There is a notable exception – Werner Jeggli of our Swiss group. In the course of the past 18 years he has designed and scratch-built 4 steam turbine driven gauge 1 locomotives, “Der Mathematiker” and “Dampfsprinter” with turbine-electrical drive, both freelance, as well as “LMS Turbomotive” and the “Pennsy PRR-S2”, both historical models and turbine-mechanically driven. They all run quite satisfactorily. They can be seen in action – video clips are to be found on YouTube. In Werner’s own words “At the time of writing, I’m 84 and I have decided not to build locomotives any more. My present ambition is to sum up my experience gained in the course of the years on construction and operation of model steam turbines and make it available to interested model engineers. The goal is to develop a multipurpose model steam turbine which, by just changing nozzle and steam exit inserts, can be adapted to a variety of applications such as railways, boats or whatever. Additionally, I intend to help in sourcing the critical turbine parts such as rotors and nozzles. Anybody deciding to take on such a project would have my support as long as it is done in a methodical and properly managed way.”


About scratch building an electric GWR ‘Bulldog’ 3343 ‘Camelot’, by Tony White

In this new G1MRA book, Tony White explains the way he translates his research on full-size build variations into a finely detailed scratch-built 1/32 scale electric model of a GWR ‘Bulldog’ 4-4-0 named Camelot. He decided that Gauge 1 lent itself to finescale models that could run alone without the need to build matching finescale countryside, and combined all that he had learned about model engineering and making detailed fittings. His young grandson used to watch as he started building the ‘Bulldog’, and Tony realised that when he inherited it, he would never remember how they made it if it went wrong. So, he made copious notes, took many photographs and wrote a leaflet on taking it apart. This developed into a new 92-page G1MRA book. G1MRA Vice-President Martin Hulse and Committee member David Halfpenny have worked with Tony in editing and producing the book. Martin comments “Editing these books always gives me an ‘ahah’ moment when I suddenly realise why something so simple works, Tony provided one with the three-point suspension diagram which reminded me of JvR’s Type J bogie which also uses a three-point geometry approach to avoid springing individual axleboxes.” If you are inspired by this book to try Gauge 1 scratchbuilding, you will find a wide group of G1MRA friends and suppliers to help you solve any problems that arise.

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