At the AGM on Saturday 16th October the Committee announced the results of the votes received for the motions put to the membership with NL&J 271. These are as follows

4            Ordinary business  items 4.1 – 4.6  were approved  with no votes against or withheld.

4.1         Votes for = 146, Votes against =Nil, Votes withheld = 1

4.6         Retirement and Rotation  of Committee Members. There is no change in the Committee.

4.7         Subscription Fees for Full Members. The Proposal to increase the subscription was approved, For 127, Against 15, votes withheld 3. (The Motion was passed by simple majority).

Therefore the annual subscriptions due from 1st January 2022 are:-

UK membership Subscription fee £30,

European Membership Subscription £32

Rest of World Subscription fee £36,

In view of the formal announcement in the next NLJ (NLJ 272, published mid December), and that there is such short time before the year end, we ask that you notify your local members and ask them to amend their subscriptions for next year 2022.  This would assist the Membership Services Provider.

Remember the Association do not operate a “Direct Debit payment system” therefore the member must amend any instructions to their bank for this payment.

Thank you

Geoff Hammond

Secretary G1MRA