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One approach to Gauge One is to obtain a stack of information on your favourite full-size prototype, lock yourself away in your workshop, and N months/years later, you will be in possession of your desired locomotive plus stock in train. Alas, unless you benefit from years of experience, doing this you’re more likely to pull your hair out than pull carriages ! To make your hobby easier and more enjoyable, you need information specific to Gauge One, and the Association assists you here by offering publications on numerous topics such at the famous Project, Dee and ARMIG books. Click here  Books Page for details


Project-215x300Live steam locomotive construction books:

  • The famous Project Book

DEE_Book-210x300Construct a live-steam single-cylinder LMS/BR 4F:

Other publications from G1MRA:-

  • ‘Modelling in Gauge 1’ Series: Click on Books on the contents bar



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