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Welcome to the “Gauge One Model Railway Association”

What does Membership Offer?


Every member receives a quarterly Newsletter containing articles on all aspects of gauge 1 modelling including constructional advice for novices and experienced workers alike, write-ups on previous events and an active letters column. New Product information and Trade advertisements together with Members’ Sales & Wants make for an interesting read.

New members receive printed details of the recommended Standard Dimensions for Gauge 1. A Membership directory plus other useful information is also provided together with the current copy of the Newsletter & Journal to complete the New Members’ pack.

Details of forthcoming local and National events as wells GTG’s (get-togethers) at member’s running tracks are also published in the newsletter. Participating in these is an excellent way to garner running and modelling tips!


Within the UK there are several local groups who arrange Summer programmes of informal running sessions at members’ tracks. Winter activities may include layout construction, a film show or a speaker on some aspect of Model Railway or Railway interest.

Gauge One is often described as being a combination of Railway Modelling and Model Engineering. Happily the blend of skills and interests makes for an Association with a flavour all of its own.

What is Gauge One All About ?

Gauge One is often described as being a combination of Model Engineering and Railway Modelling.


If you’ve taken part in large scale (e.g. 7 ¼ inch) live steam or diesel, you’ll know that you don’t just see and hear the locomotive; you smell, taste and touch it too. Gauge One delivers this experience in a carry-box the size of a violin case; an impromptu session on a local group or pals track is just a text message away. Furthermore, “playing trains properly” is achievable in the scale: with a combination of commercial products and scratchbuilding, a locomotive pulling an eight carriage train is a realistic prospect for many different prototypes.


Here’s what makes Gauge One special:

  • The smallest practical scale for model engineering
  • Superb detail; looks great in a showcase!
  • Choice of ready-to-run models, kits and parts
  • Prototypes from around the world
  • Run in your garden or at get-togethers
  • Scenic modelling indoors practicable
  • Buy or construct complete trains
  • Live steam, electric, battery-electric and diesel-electric traction


In the context of serious cash expenditure on Gauge One gear being just the click of the mouse away, the current Gauge One annual membership fee is a modest investment! Membership and the network of local contacts it typically offers will assist you in directing your investment in time and money into the hobby.




The “Gauge One Scene” page carries more information


How to become a Member 



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